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Splash Designs sponsored and supported the ‘Stayin’ Alive at 1.5′ campaign. We sponsored all the road signage in 2017 together with Kerry’s Eye newspaper and Kerry County Council. The campaign was a huge success. Thanks should especially go to Brendan Kennelly of Kerry’s Eye Newspaper for pulling all parties together.  The photographer, Kerry Kennelly also deserves special thanks for the great pictures that were published in the newspaper.

As a (very part time) cyclist and driver myself, I see how vulnerable cyclists are on the roads. As drivers, it seems like we should change our behaviour just a little, and adopt a minimum passing distance. This will help ensure that all road users can safely share the road space.

About the campaign

“Stayin Alive at 1.5” is a campaign that aims to create a law requiring that motorists give at least 1.5 meters clearance while overtaking cyclists from the rear. This law would reflect guidelines already recommended by the RSA. This would improve safety and recognise a cyclist’s need to the protection of a defined space whilst sharing the road. This should ultimately assist in reducing cyclist fatalities.

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