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A photo is a thousand words. Investing in a good photographer to showcase your product is a worthwhile investment. Customers buy with their eyes and form an opinion on your business on first impressions. If your photographs aren’t up to scratch, you are wasting your time and money trying to promote your product.

Many businesses believe that hiring a professional photographer is either unnecessary, or is simply outside of their budget. €300 to €500 will go a long ways, we know. If you have a great product, then you simply are talking to a crowd without a microphone. Investing in your own photography will help your company and strengthen your brand.

Images taken on your phone do not put your best face forward, no matter how great your camera is. A professional photographer knows how to present your products, or staff in their best light. Your website is often the first impression that new clients will have of your business – you want to make it a fantastic one. If the images on your website don’t convey the right message, or they are bad quality, you will find that you will lose credibility as a business.

Your branding should prove to your customers that you are a real business who can offer what they are looking for. Many customers buy from businesses because they recognise the brand name and feel secure in knowing they are getting what they are paying for because the brand sells consumer confidence. Professional pictures make your business look professional, which can add the legitimacy that a business needs in order to find a foothold in the marketplace.

We launched a website for Courtney’s Bar in Killarney recently and the photography is outstanding, it captures the look and feel and above all else the atmosphere or what is quintessentially a traditional Irish Bar. The imagery presents their product as a must-visit venue for anyone coming to Killamey, the home of Irish Tourism.

We also featured their Whiskey & Beer of the Month in an easy to update system, the monthly images are in a traditional gold frame to fit in with the overall look and feel of the website.


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