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360 is our complete marketing plan for your business


We look at your industry and research your issues, competitors and opportunities. We then look at how your business is performing, is it fulfilling its potential or is it missing out on sales.

Who are your customers and how do you sell to them?

We look at your products, services and divisions. We then develop customer personas. Where are your areas for growth and what are the touch points we need to put in place with your customers and what are your opportunities to grow your sales.

Our target is to ensure that all the entry points to your business are professional and you communicate a unified Marketing Hook to your customers. If you have a poor entry point, for example your website, then you have to work twice as hard to convert these potential customers.

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We learn

your business

We start off the process with a meeting where we look at your business objectively and we put ourselves in the role of your customer. Other companies will give you what you think you want as opposed to what your business really needs. We call this a ‘surface only approach’.

We look at the type of customer you want to attract and the full development of the message you want to communicate.

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A generic message for your business is not good enough. You need to create marketing hooks to sell to your target customers. We use the elevator pitch concept. Imagine you bumped into your ideal customer in an elevator, they turn and ask you what you do. You only have seconds to sell your services and you have to make sure you have an effective and memorable marketing hook.

A marketing hook is a tagline or slogan that’s aligned with your brand to help lure customers to your business.

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touch points

We look at the ‘touch points’ across all customer levels. We analyse why your customers are going elsewhere for the services you offer.

Why are you not communicating your services efficiently to them, and how can you improve your engagements and capture these sales?

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It doesn’t matter what kind of company you have, what industry you’re in, or what type of customer you’re after – if you’re in business, you’ve got some serious competition.

We will create a brand to Branding helps you establish the ways in which you’re different, special, and unique. And it shows your customers why they should work with you instead of your competitors. If you want to build a successful brand, you need to be recognisable.

Your logo is the face of your company and designing your logo is arguably the single most important branding you’ll do for your business.

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Case Study:

Premier Financial

We worked as Marketing Consultants for Premier Financial, a tier one, top 30 financial Advisory company in Ireland. Our job was to develop and market their new suite Premier Life and to position them as the ‘go to’ financial advisors and corporate educators in this employee sector.

Premier Life

360 has everything you need to grow your sales

Development of branding. Elevator pitches . Positioning and opportunity development of your business . Development of sales channels to existing and new clients . Marketing hook messages . Photo and video shoot management . Website design and development . Training & marketing videos . Presentation & exhibition consultancy . Print marketing collateral . Digital marketing campaigns setup and management . Marketing alignment for staff

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