Calendar your Video Calls.

Adding a calendar to your video calls helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails. We add the calendar to your website and you simply add your available dates, your clients can then book a call with you and add it to their calendar. They also get a text to remind them of the meeting.

How does this help my business.

Think of this as a call to action. It allows a customer to book a time with you easily and on the spot. Let’s say they are looking at your website in the evening or weekend and they like what they see. Your business is typically closed at that time and if they wait till Monday morning they will have probably forgotten about you.

What does it cost.

$12 per month gets you a licence.

This includes free emails and text messages as reminders of the call.

What we charge.

We setup everything for you and add it to your website €197
30 minutes training €77


Book a 15 min video call with Stephen to see the system in action.

Let's get started.

The small print.

There are many systems in the market, we have just found one that is easy to use and works well for us. You pay the yearly fee directly to the calendar company, we do not get a referral fee. All prices exclude VAT @23%.