eCommerce started kit.

Adding eCommerce to your business is fantastic. But, the issues arise when you get your first order. What packaging do I put it in, how long will it take to get delivered, should I post or courier and what happens if the order gets lost in transit.

How can we help.

We created our first eCommerce shop for our business, in 2002, and we’ve tested most couriers, used all sorts of packaging and dealt with most issues through our own business. We can advise you on everything from which courier to use to what type of box will work to even where the hell doI get large rolls of bubble wrap. We don’t sell any of this stuff, but we tell you where to go.

What does it cost.

Nothing, that’s right, advice is free when you get your website with us. Whatever problems you encounter along the way, just pick up the phone and call us and we will help you where we can. Of course you’re a grownup and you can do all this stuff yourself, we’ve just done it all before and advice is always helpful.

Things to consider.

Double or single wall boxes?
What size box and what are the couriers restrictions?
Bubble wrap or wrapping sheets?
Post or Couriers?
What adhesive tape works best?
What is a tape gun?
Should I brand boxes or just use stickers?
How do I print a packing list from the website?

Next step.

The small print.

There are many systems in the market, we have just found one that is easy to use and works well for us. You pay the yearly fee directly to the calendar company, we do not get a referral fee. All prices exclude VAT @23%.