GDPR will affect us all. Are you ready?


The law is changing

Time is running out. The new legislation comes into force on 25th May 2018. If your business uses email marketing, sends direct mail or makes sales calls, some things you might do today will no longer be allowed. But there are some easy things you should do right now, which mean you won’t run into trouble later.

We can help. Contact us today about bringing your website and marketing communications in-line with GDPR legislation.

GDPR affects us all

Get started today. There’s no time to lose. The new law affects our business. And it affects your business. It’s not just for big corporations either. We all need to prepare. We want to help you make the changes you’ll need to make so we’ve put together a useful guide. We’ve done our best to be as clear as we can. But this stuff might give you a sore head. It’s certainly hurt ours.


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