Google Ads

Think of Google Ads like taking an advert in a newspaper. You pay the newspaper to run your advert for one week. With Google Ads you more or less do the same. We give Google Ads a budget, let’s say €200 (or any amount) and we tell them which search terms you want, e.g. ‘landscaper in Killarney’, think of this as what section of the newspaper you want your ad to appear in.


If we set your budget at €10 per day, this is 20 days of advertising. Google then suggests for example, a 50c CPC (cost per click), so, every time someone clicks on your advert it costs you 50c and your advert will stop displaying for the day when the €10 daily budget is reached.

What we do

We consult with you to get the best out of your campaign. We setup the campaign in Google and take care of all the technical stuff. We analyse your campaign in plain terms with you and give you feedback on the results.

What we charge

Google Ads Account Setup (once off)€197
Our campaign charge€197
Your Google Advertising Budget€200

Let's get started

The small print

We charge €197 per campaign up to a €400 Google budget. You can spend as much money as you wish on a campaign, we are just suggesting €200 as a starting campaign. Your full budget amount goes directly to Google. We do not receive a commission from Google ‘I wish we did’. All prices exclude VAT @ 23%