Graphic Design is the backbone of everything we do at Splash Designs

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If a company looks professional, potential customers are more likely to trust that they can deliver. A creative and strong brand will make sure that your clients remember you. Design plays an essential role and is something which attracts customers to companies.

We can help you with naming your business, creating a logo and branding, we can develop a marketing hook for your business. We essentially can become your creative partner, so any design, print, web, display or marketing requirements you may have we can help with.

A marketing hook not only distinguishes you from competitors, but it can also raise your chance of landing a customer. A marketing hook is a tag line or slogan that’s both memorable and aligned with your brand. It’s an effective extension of your brand, because it helps lure customers to your business.

Application of your 360 Marketing Hook

It is vital that your Marketing Hook is delivered effectively to your customers. Your company may not need all of the elements in our 360. Let’s say you are in finance, you will interact with your customers via a website, print, social media and presentations. We look at these channels and make sure your message is synced.

We learn your business

We start off the process with a meeting where we discuss your business. We look at your business objectively and we put ourselves in the role of your customer.

We review your branding and website

Is you brand selling your business correctly? In many cases, entrepreneurs are too close to their business and they presume their customers know everything about their products.

We create a Marketing Hook

A generic message for your business is not good enough. You need to create marketing hooks to sell your company to your target customers.

Logo & Branding

Whether it’s the iconic golden arches or the famous “swoosh,” a great logo instantly identifies a brand. In fact, investing in your logo is probably the most important thing you can do for your brand. You and your logo are going to be together for a very long time, and all of your marketing efforts will hinge on that logo, so you have to get along. Allow us to turn everything that is unique about your brand into a logo that will spark positive and long-term responses from your target audience.

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