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Case Study . 360 Marketing

Premier Financial

We worked as Marketing Consultants for Premier Financial, a tier one, top 30 financial Advisory company in Ireland.

Our remit

Thousands of employees will be offered the choice to move from Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution Pension schemes over the coming years. Education and Advice before making decisions is essential for these employees.

Our job is to develop and market their new suite Premier Life and to position them as the ‘go to’ financial advisors and corporate educators in this employee sector.

The process

Straight from the first contact with the employee, the process is not long winded and it is easy to follow. Processes were re-invented to fit into the programme of engagement.

45 minutes

The first message to employees is ‘For peace of mind would you invest 45 minutes to better understand your Pension!’ This process dovetails into the company ‘today . plan . future’ model. This unique approach is a breath of fresh air to the industry.

360 Marketing plan process premier financial splash marketing

today . plan . future

Financial planning can be a difficult area to explain to a customer. A simple strategy to communicate the process to clients was created. ‘We look at where you are today and we put a plan in place for your future’.

This process is like a road map for the client and they can easily see the service that Premier Financial is offering. From the first engagement, the client understands the process and they are always aware at the stages they are working through.

360 Marketing plan

Lead generation strategy

To support the advisory process, Chatty was integrated into the website. Chatty is an Intuitive chatbot for lead generation strategies. It allows informal engagement with the client in a conversational format with the end goal to help the visitor in the right path, educate and advise them and to ultimately schedule a meeting.

Chatty will ask a prospect to answer just four simple questions and from this information Chatty will build a targeted report, which will be instantly downloaded as a PDF. This report will illustrate the value of their current expected return at retirement versus their target and it will also report how much extra per month they have to invest to reach their target.

A briefing report and appointment scheduling module was also integrated into the process. Now the visitor can generate a report, create a briefing document for the first meeting and schedule an appointment all from the comfort of their couch.

360 Marketing plan

Direct print marketing

A unique piece of marketing was created for the financial planning division of the business. 68 pages of simple to follow, jargon free help on financial planning.

This piece is a fantastic door opener for the business and instantly creates a wow factor when introduced at a meeting. It has also served as a fantastic direct printing marketing piece, as client engagement has increased.

It is also an essential tool on the online education platform in the form as an eBook.

Mark Corkery Book Splash marketing


To create a new way to sell employee pensions, to focus clients on a target driven approach, to ask the question, ‘so what’s your target’. The employee has three targets to aim for €400k, €800k and €2m. These targets were chosen for tax free income, tax-free cash and maximum pension fund.


The targeted process is already in place and it is delivering new business to the company. What is evident for the first time is that clients are not focused on the minimum amount they want to put into their pension, now they can see what they need to do, to get the projected return on their pension at retirement. As a result, clients have increased their pension contributions significantly to attain their new clear target.

360 Marketing plan
360 Marketing plan process premier financial splash marketing targets

Simple reporting

Gone are the complicated graphs, reports and projections that are typically associated with the industry. Personalised reports are easy to follow and are generated in seconds.

360 Marketing plan

Explainer videos

This format of video is ideal for content retention. Short, memorable clips make an impact on the audience and help provide the viewer with the important information they need to make a decision.

360 Marketing plan

What’s next

Over the coming year, the plan is to create a series of education modules for the employee pension market. These modules will be offered to each employee through their employer.

To back this up we will be creating Podcasts and Vlogs on the module topics. All of the content that is created will dovetail into a social media marketing plan and will be distributed across all channels.

360 Marketing plan

“Premier Financial have been using Splash for our website and marketing requirements for the last 10 years. Splash have grown their level of support to our business as we have reached different levels of service and marketing communications with our clients.

Stephen and his team are always ready to listen to your marketing and website needs for your business and translate that to reality. Technology would not be me strength however working with Splash over the last 10 years has enhanced my knowledge and helped me to bring our business to the forefront of technology use in our sector.

We have grown from a basic website 10 years ago to a full e commerce online educational, advice and support service for our existing clients and prospective customers. This IT and marketing growth journey was all facilitated by Splash.”

Mark CorkeryDirector

Financial Planning is Simple 

Financial Planning is Simple 

Financial Planning is Simple 

It’s just not easy! 

It’s just not easy! 

It’s just not easy! 

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