We're the designers who print!


Ireland's first eCommerce Print and Display website Printing.ie

In a world full of visual distractions, you don’t have long to grab your audience’s attention, so don’t waste any opportunity. We can provide you with the full package, graphic design, printing, exhibition solutions, signage even websites. Since 1996 we've worked with over 17,000 customers.

Everything from a business card to 100,000 brochures

Companies can rely on us and that’s the most important aspect of any relationship. Protecting your brand consistency with colours and the correct materials is important to us. We can print your artwork files or we have an in-house graphic design team who can design any project for you.

More than just printing

We have produced everything from branded airports to signs for staff canteens and from promotional food counters to exhibition stands that hold TV units. View our:

Logo & Branding

Whether it’s the iconic golden arches or the famous “swoosh,” a great logo instantly identifies a brand. In fact, investing in your logo is probably the most important thing you can do for your brand. You and your logo are going to be together for a very long time, and all of your marketing efforts will hinge on that logo, so you have to get along. Allow us to turn everything that is unique about your brand into a logo that will spark positive and long-term responses from your target audience. View our:

Our digital hub

We're the designers who print

Splash Designs started back in 1996 as a graphic design company and we soon brought our print and display work in-house into our digital production hub. Our projects are lead with a design first approach.

the Invite hub killarney

Invite is Ireland’s first wedding stationery boutique in the heart of Killarney. Call Sinead on 064 66 76 100.

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