What is a Sales Funnel.

Think of a three page website, we have a product or service for offer on the first page, a payment page next and then a thank you page. In very, very simple terms that is a sales funnel. You funnel people toward a sale. Sales Funnels are ultra focused and have a single objective, they just want the customer to buy.

Website v Sales Funnel.

Your website helps your credibility in your industry by way of the content. When a customer wants to know more about you and your service, they go to your website. Think of a website as a multi-lane road with lots of turn offs, a sales funnel is more of a one-way road. Everything in a sales funnel is designed to guide the customer in a single direction, to making a sale. To do this, a sales funnel minimises distractions on the page like outgoing links or share buttons for social media.

How do you use a Sales Funnel.

Sales Funnels are great if you have a special offer. Use your social media or online advertising to drive visitors to your sales funnel. Use the first page to see the product and the next page for the customer to enter their credit card and the next page can be a thank you, or even better an upsell or downsell page.

What is an Upsell and a Downsell.

After the customer decides to buy the offer, you can add an Upsell and maybe a downsell offer. Let's say you sell shampoo and the upsell page could be get conditioner for 3 for 2 and if the customer decides they do not want the conditioner, you can send them to the payment page or you can give them a downsell offer, maybe get hair gel for 50% off.

What does it cost.

We setup a three page sales funnel for a single product €497
Monthly fee for Sales Funnel €37

You need a Stripe Payments Account.

We setup an account for you. There are no recurring charges with Stripe. Their fee is based on the transaction. Stripe charge you 1.4% + 25c per sale for European cards and for non-European cards it is 2.9% + 25c per sale (excluding VAT). It is one of the best value solutions on the market.

Let's get started.

The small print.

You can change the product in your sales funnel as often as you wish, we charge a starting price of €97 for every new product you replace into your funnell (subject to amount of content). All prices exclude VAT @23%.