Video meetings with clients.

Hop into the car, drive for an hour to meet a client for fifteen minutes. That’s the reality. Nowadays more than ever, video calls have grown hugely in popularity, especially as customers can have a call with you from their mobile phone.

Our solution.

We’ve tested a lot of the systems on the market, some want you to install apps to use them, some make it so complicated that the car journey starts to look more appealing. So we use a system that is browser based and you don’t have to use any apps and is SIMPLE to use.

What does it cost.

100 dollars a year gets you the system. You get three rooms, think of a room as exactly like a meeting room in your office. You can be in one room and your staff can have calls in the other two rooms.

What we charge.

We brand your rooms and setup everything for you €197
30 minutes training €77


You don’t need a calendar system to have video calls, you can just arrange a time and date on email. But we have integrated our system with one for you to test. Click on 'Choose a Date and Time' below.

Let's get started.

The small print.

There are many systems in the market, we have just found one that is easy to use and works well for us. There are limitations to all of these video systems. do they work well most of the times, yes, can there be issues sometimes, yes, it is the nature of this service. You pay the yearly fee directly to the video call company, we do not get a referral fee. If your training time runs over 30 minutes, you will be charged for 60 minutes. All prices exclude VAT @23%.