Killarney School of English

The App works as an added value item to students of the Killarney School of English (KSOE) and is developed for iPhone. Groups of students can be created by KSOE with the ability to add activities with links and images.

The information about activities for Groups will be openly available to anyone who has the App. The App also caters for last minute schedule changes for the host families. There is a a ‘Live Updates’ button for quick announcements, bus running late, wear rain proof clothes today, class times changed, etc.

One special feature is a ‘Help Me’ button. Where a student can go onto the App and press a button which will call the KSOE number. The button can also work as a ‘Bring me Home’ option where when they press it, it will navigate them back to the school on foot view Google Map instructions. When a student calls the school, they are instructed that the bus is on the way for them. The driver opens the app on the bus and logs into the app. The student will be able to see where the bus is on the map and the driver will be able to see all students who have the app open are located.

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