The Kerryman Bar Chicago

Drenched in history, the Kerryman’s location in Chicago was once a notorious gangster hangout known as the McGovern Saloon, where the young Dion O’Banion got his start as a singing waiter. In 1978 the location became home to one of the ‘original’ punk clubs and was considered to be the zenith of the original Chicago punk movement. We were commissioned to develop the brand for the new enterprise.

We developed a dual brand with two logos. The multi coloured logo is a celebration of all things Kerry. The second logo is a more simplified version for staff uniforms. Customers to the Irish bar love a great story and we developed the strap line ‘The Original Navigator’. So when the staff are asked to explain the strap line, they come back with ‘The most famous Kerryman in the world discovered America, St. Brendan’, then the debate starts. The concept has been a great success and has sparked many a conversation in the bar. We also themed the restaurant with hand drawn sketches and stories of twenty one famous Kerry people.

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