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You know us as Splash Designs. That’s not changing. We’re still your favourite marketing team. But things just got even better. We’ve teamed up with the ladies and gentlemen of Nettl, the largest network of web, print and display studios in Europe.

So if you are looking for someone to help launch your new website project? To make the most of your marketing budget? For someone who doesn’t speak jargon at you? A designer, printer or website maker? Yay! You found us! How did you get to be sooooo lucky?

There are over 170 Nettl studios in Europe. Together, we can pick out proven initiatives. Or adventure into the new fangled world of print, fabric displays, web and digital marketing to explore the latest innovations. We can share ideas and best practices from what is working for discerning businesses across the country.

We are Splash Designs and we are absolutely thrilled-to-bits to make your acquaintance.

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