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More and more of your customers are going online for their purchases.

We’ve put together some interesting ideas for you to consider. There has never been a better time to go online and open up your business to a wider audience. The real trick is making it simple and keeping the process simple.

We’ve been selling online with our own website since 2002 and in 2016, 92% of our business came from outside of Kerry. We could not of taken advantage of this market without an eCommerce website.

When companies come to us for an eCommerce website, we tell them straight on what is involved. The biggest message we want to get across is that four letter word that we all hate ‘WORK’, you have to put a plan in place and you have to put work in to make your eCommerce be a success.

A great feature to add to each product is a ‘what we think’ section. Visitors will appreciate this honest and transparent approach. If the customer was standing in front of you in your shop, think of the approach you would have to their queries. Think of how you would recommend one product over another based on their requirements. Now I know that you do not know their requirements when they visit you eCommerce shop.

But you can second guess, tell them what the product is suited to and what it is good at, do not oversell, but recommend other products which might be better for large capacity, faster, etc.

Example: So this is Machine A and it is ideal for when you are loading paper manually and you are processing up to 200 pages per day through it. If you have a larger requirement and need something more automatic we would recommend Machine B…’ hopefully you get the idea.

Finally, there is some light in the form of financial assistance from the Local Enterprise Board. As of November 2017 the scheme is still running. Check out this article:

Gift Vouchers

Pop online, pick up a voucher for a friend and get it emailed directly to them.

It’s never been easier to sell online!

Irish consumers now spend almost €700,000 online each hour.

You don’t need 2,000 products to have an eCommerce website

Start off with a small number of products. Then start a plan to add a few products each week – it’s quality and not quantity

Sell offline!

A sale is a sale whether it happens online or in your shop. A walk in sale can be generated from a customer seeing your products on your eCommerce website.

Payment mumbo jumbo!

Set up a credit card account in a week, with no monthly payments. You pay just a small percentage of the online sale.

But it’s hard to update the website!

One hour of training and having us at the end of the phone and you’re sorted!

Where will I get customers?

Since 2002 we have operated one of Ireland’s most successful printing websites, – We have loads of ideas for you and we can’t wait to get started.

Sell a course, class or tickets to an event!

Did you know that selling tickets is child’s play on an eCommerce website.

Cross Sell opportunities

It’s easy to recommend complementary products when a customer is viewing a particular item in your eCommerce shop.

So what’s the next step

Give Stephen a call on 066 979 3333 or send an email to
Let’s get you started today!

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